NYC travel update #3

Today was divided into three parts.

Act I: breakfast scone and coffee on the edge of Prospect Park, shopping at H&M, exotic beverage break in Bryant Park after visiting the most beautiful market I’ve ever seen, photography exhibit at the New York Public Library (lions and all), Nat Sherman, five minutes in/by Times Square, shopping for SB, text message announcing the birth of Oliver Vance Cuerda – congrats to Stef and Sasha!

Act II: The Epic Journey to JFK: train #1 only runs during peak hours, so I hit a dead end. A kindly train-cleaning man gives me directions, gesturing to me through the window of the train as it pulls away. Train #2 gets me to the right place to change, but train #3 is going in the wrong direction. So is train #4. I am anxious on train #5 until I hear the driver clearly call out the destination a couple of times.

Act III: Luggage retrieved, back to Brooklyn, clean clothes then cheap tacos with Carrie and Adam O. Trains in the correct direction take us to MoMa, and I see Les Demoiselles d’Avignon and get goosebumps on my entire body. A long combination of trains and walking home, and now: showers (finally!), snacks, internet. We were going to meet Kat and Calgary for drinks, but instead I think we will probably fall asleep stat. Oh, and also we got to see the moon and Saturn through the telescope of someone named Joe.


0 thoughts on “NYC travel update #3

  1. DOH! how could i possibly leave the NYPL and Bryant Park off of my list of recommendations?? Bad librarian! Glad you made it there and that that your luggage is back from it’s solo travels!


  2. The first time I saw Saturn through a telescope was amazing. It seems weird to see something you’ve only ever seen pictures of. Like art.


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