NYC travel update #2

I have arrived in scenic Park Slope after many hours in the airport, on the plane (delayed both taking off and landing), and then crisscrossing Manhattan and Brooklyn and probably some other places by train. Carrie lives in a lovely neighborhood, and we had an improvised dinner on the roof. I am very, very tired.

My suitcase, however, has not arrived. It apparently caught a different flight than I did, making a side trip to Atlanta along the way. I was initially told that I could pick it up at JFK after 7:30pm tonight, so I left the airport operating under the assumption that I would just come back later. When I called to see if the bag could be sent to me, I was told that since I didn’t open a file at the airport, I would have to return to the airport to either (1) claim the bag or (2) create a file, at which point the bag could be sent to me. Carrie and I thought it might be fun to trek back over there, create the file, and then race the bag back to Park Slope. We ruled against this plan, however, when I called just now and was told to call back in two hours, as by that point they would know the status of the bag (aka whether or not it decided to come along from Atlanta, or if it is now further afield). I’m going to stay up long enough to call, but I don’t think I’ll have much energy beyond that.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s bag adventure installment! My plan is to trek back out to JFK while Carrie is working, then do things like go to museums and parks and perhaps H&M. I suppose that in the worst case scenario, my bag is gone, and I just replace it with more cute stuff from H&M tomorrow. That’s not so bad, right?


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