NYC travel update #1

It’s been a lol-larious day already.

SB and I left our house at about 4:30am in order to get me to O’Hare in time to check in before my 9:30am flight. The cats, however, decided that I needed to be up at 2:30-3, so I was tired by the time we left. One out-of-order ATM and a hilarious U-turn later, we were on the road, half awake and listening to the new Back to Mine disc. After a great deal of traffic, construction, and a very grumpy McDonalds stop (the McDonalds was grumpy, not us), SB deposited me at O’Hare at around 8. I zipped through the check-in process and security, and settled down in the terminal.

Not 15 minutes later, Delta announced that my flight was overbooked, and that $200 travel vouchers were available for 2-3 people who were willing to be bumped to the noon flight. With nothing pressing on my agenda for the rest of the day, I was in line at the desk before they finished their announcement. $200 voucher (plus a $7 lunch voucher) in hand, I again settled in to the terminal, making the necessary calls and texts so that SB and Carrie would know the plan.

About half an hour later, I was called back to the desk, as three seats on the original flight had apparently opened up. My partner in bumped-to-the-next-flight crime and I walked across the tarmac and boarded the plane, only to be told that the flight was completely full. Huh.

We trekked back to the terminal, were bumped back to the later flight again (no extra vouchers, sadly), and now I’m really settled in for the long (not really all that long) haul. I ponied up the $6.95 for airport internets with the hopes that I can get some job applications done before I fall over from exhaustion.

With any luck, the next time I post I’ll be in Brooklyn at Carrie’s, getting ready for all sorts of fun things. I might, however, just die of boredom here, though.


0 thoughts on “NYC travel update #1

  1. Hang out at an airport bar if you get bored. When I had to wait all day for a new flight last winter, I met some really neat people just by sitting at a bar and talking with random people who came in to grab a drink or eat.

    And good luck with the not dying of boredom!


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