Word on the street – OK, on the ‘nets – is that this is the first time since 1979 that the University has closed because of snow. I made it to work just fine despite waiting for a 20-minutes-late bus – just in time to find out that classes are canceled and non-essential staff are supposed to stay/go home.

Despite this, we’ve made the executive decision to still have classes tonight. I think I’m the only member of tech staff left in the building – only two of us made it in – and it looks like I’ll be chillin’ on the third floor until early evening, when my coworkers will relieve me. So far no instructors have canceled classes, so I may get to do the inconceivable and run 2-3 classes at once. As Linda said, “This will be a new story for LEEPlore–we ran classes during the blizzard of ’07….”

Update: Hey, we’re famous (kind of)!


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  1. Yeah, I think it’s kind of mean that the professors haven’t cancelled LEEP classes. We students get to stay inside and log on from home, and the professors who usually broadcast from campus can probably call in and do their class from home, but it means you or some other ITD person has to go out in the snow. I mean, it’s not like it’s impossible to get around or anything (although it is inconvenient), but they’re depriving you of the glory of having a snow day, and that’s no fun!

    I was thinking that we should have a GSLIS snowball fight in front of the high school if everything is still closed tomorrow, though. There are certainly enough of us over here in this neighborhood. 🙂


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