It’s all very exciting

Yesterday we went live with Moodle for all courses. This replaced our ten year old homegrown course management system, as well as our school intranet. This is tremendously exciting because it represents the culmination of two years of work for me. My coworkers and I, especially our programmer, have worked our asses off for months in preparation for this announcement, and I’m terrifically relieved that it has gone as well as it has so far. As I said to SB last night, it feels wonderful to have been an integral part of a substantive improvement to the way we teach and learn. The next few weeks will be a trial by fire as we work with instructors and students encountering this environment for the first time, but I’m encouraged by the response we’ve had so far. I’ve also recently realized that I really, really love training instructors.

A few years ago I was really lost, lacking direction in my professional or personal life. I was working a job I hated, and was in a relationship that was on its last legs. Three years later I have a job that I love and a wonderful relationship. The good thing is that I seem to have found my place after a lot of struggling – the bad thing is that in the next few months, we’re going to have to make big decisions about future things like jobs and relationships and where we’re going to live. Part of me really hopes that SB can find a job here, even if it’s just for another year or two – but part of me is excited about the idea of starting over in a new city with the man I love. We’ll see!



Jason and Sonya are off, and to distract myself from being sad, I’m playing on the internets. I posted my resolutions over on the LJ, but I haven’t posted them here, and as I thought up another one tonight, I thought it worth putting up.

  1. Finish Old Chicago World Beer Tour.
  2. Rate my entire mp3 collection in iTunes
  3. Visit Boston.
  4. Visit New York City.
  5. Have a successful garden.
  6. Lose 10 pounds.
  7. Maintain three months’ worth of bills in savings.
  8. Watch every Bond movie. (Resolution tracking here)
  9. Get my car fixed.
  10. Be more like Leslie.
  11. See two movies in the theatres each month.

An ambitious list with a mix of good-for-me things as well as fun things, spendy things and save-y things. I’m hopeful that I’ll fare better than I did with last year’s list.

sea change

Today I’m very tired, and am feeling somewhat jealous of people who live in cities. On our way to dinner tonight, I told SB that maybe by the time we leave here, all of our friends will already be gone, and all we’ll have to say goodbye to is french toast at Sam’s. I don’t really think that’s the case, but as we get ready to say another round of goodbyes, I’m starting to get sad because the longer I stay here, the fewer people I know. Maybe I’m just jealous of Soy’s haunted castle by the sea, but the idea of starting fresh in a new place seems appealing tonight.

I woke up last New Years Day with a boy who until a few hours previously had just been a friend. After a night of dancing and champagne and kissing, he slept over, though we both spent more time tossing and turning and talking than actually sleeping. I was resolutely single at the time, and he was just out of a long term relationship, so I thought it was just going to be one of those things, and we’d go back to being friends.

I was wrong.

Much to my great surprise, it wasn’t just one of those things. The last year has been full of surprises and happiness and growth and kittens and excellent meals and love. I’m very happy, and very grateful for this man.

Happy first year, baby.