Jason and Sonya are off, and to distract myself from being sad, I’m playing on the internets. I posted my resolutions over on the LJ, but I haven’t posted them here, and as I thought up another one tonight, I thought it worth putting up.

  1. Finish Old Chicago World Beer Tour.
  2. Rate my entire mp3 collection in iTunes
  3. Visit Boston.
  4. Visit New York City.
  5. Have a successful garden.
  6. Lose 10 pounds.
  7. Maintain three months’ worth of bills in savings.
  8. Watch every Bond movie. (Resolution tracking here)
  9. Get my car fixed.
  10. Be more like Leslie.
  11. See two movies in the theatres each month.

An ambitious list with a mix of good-for-me things as well as fun things, spendy things and save-y things. I’m hopeful that I’ll fare better than I did with last year’s list.

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