sea change

Today I’m very tired, and am feeling somewhat jealous of people who live in cities. On our way to dinner tonight, I told SB that maybe by the time we leave here, all of our friends will already be gone, and all we’ll have to say goodbye to is french toast at Sam’s. I don’t really think that’s the case, but as we get ready to say another round of goodbyes, I’m starting to get sad because the longer I stay here, the fewer people I know. Maybe I’m just jealous of Soy’s haunted castle by the sea, but the idea of starting fresh in a new place seems appealing tonight.

0 thoughts on “sea change

  1. Who’s not jealous of that haunted castle by the sea?

    And I was just earlier today thinking of how exciting it can be to have a new start in a new city. Not too much longer, I suppose!


  2. You and me both, lady. Until this silly force-shaping is over (read: officer layoffs) and JMyer completes space camp will he know where he’ll be stationed next. I want to M.O.V.E. and discover a new place. Hopefully it’s here or here–and hopefully you and SB can come visit!


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