When I was an undergrad, one of my favorite professors referred to me as a “reluctant medievalist”. I think she was convinced that one of these days I would come to my senses and follow what was then just a deep curiosity about Anglo-Saxon England. I never went down that road – clearly – but the paper I’m working on right now has allowed me to dig back into my roots as an English major with more than a passing interest in the medieval. I mention this because this article (caution: loooooong) had me all choked up earlier, as I read about all the priceless, absolutely irreplaceable manuscripts that were destroyed in a fire in 1731.

Maybe Colleen was right.

On an actually related note, I came across the following job posting while Googling said favorite professor. It’s very close to exactly the kind of job I imagined for myself, and if I had the requisite experience, I would probably apply:

Director of the Library, January 2007

The director will lead the college in developing and implementing long-range and strategic plans for the broad range of functions associated with the contemporary academic library, including the traditional library functions as well as information literacy and teaching and learning with technology. As a principal representative of the college and essential participant in its teaching and learning mission, the ideal candidate will be an enthusiastic leader, experienced financial manager, and collaborative administrator. Tenure-track status remains to be determined. Requirements include an MLS or MLIS from an ALA accredited institution, with additional degree strongly preferred; a minimum of five years of library experience; experience with and understanding of current and emerging teaching and learning technologies. Send materials to Colleen Page, Ph.D., Chair, Department of English.


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