What’s up with you, Internets?

LDB: New and improved and ready for prime time! Earlier in the year, around the time that I figured out that WordPress could handle private vs public posts, I determined that the time had come to clean this place up. I’ve been blogging for almost five years, so it took a long time, but I think I’m pretty much done. A long time ago, I wondered aloud about what privacy online meant. Several years later, I study these things. Five years ago, I had a crappy Geocities site and a job that I hated that I blogged about. Now I have my own domain and a job I love that I blog about. Things are very different now, and this site hopefully reflects it.

0 thoughts on “What’s up with you, Internets?

  1. I think I, too, could get into WordPress, but… does it have filters like LJ? That’s the only thing WordPress lacks that I’d really miss. I can’t separate my life into simply private and public, unfortunately… there are too many little nuances and complicated relationships :/


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