Space and Place

Last night Richard and I were talking about the need for a “third place” (to use the right buzz-word) for students in our program. PhD students have a doctoral study, research groups for collaborative work, and a regular “symposium” for pursuing alcoholism and research simultaneously. Masters students have no shared spaces, but they do have various student groups with regular meetings. What seems to be lacking is a time or space or place for collaboration, discussion, and sharing ideas across programs and disciplines – and outside the context of class, work, and the bars. The network of blogs has made some of this possible, but we both really feel that it needs to exist in a corporeal space.

Geographically co-located friends, would you participate in a weekly or monthly salon if we arranged it?


0 thoughts on “Space and Place

  1. I’m certainly willing to share salon hosting responsibilities.

    I was thinking of salon in the french way. I’d tag it interdisciplinary, collaborative, non-techie (or not techie centric – applied techie), creative, and so on.

    As much as I love all the LIS folks, I’m also interested in making connections outside of GSLIS – I’m going to be here a while.


  2. Like Cheers, right? That was a low-tech salon of commonality.

    I wonder which other schools of thought would work best – philosophy, computery science, etc.


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