cause for celebration

Yesterday evening Shane and I had a fabulous dinner at Bacaro to celebrate two things: six months together, and signing a lease on the above place, nicknamed “Basil Estates”. We had shrimp bruschetta with red chiles and limoncello, a bottle of Italian something-something that resembled a Pinot Noir and complemented my lamb and Shane’s hake, a cheese plate with little bites of wonderful, and an amazing pot of French press coffee ($3! a steal).Am I nervous about the future? Of course. Grad school is such a transitional period, and there are no guarantees that either of us are going to be here (or able to leave) in a year. Am I nervous about this commitment? Of course. I’ve only lived with one other person, and that was my ex. Things are very different (in so many ways) than they were when I was 18, and in some ways this is a bigger decision because it’s one of the most serious commitments I can ever imagine making with/to another person.

Am I sure I want to do this? Yes, for a variety of reasons – personal and financial. Am I sure I want to do this with him? Yes, for a variety of reasons – personal and terribly romantic. Mainly I’m just terribly thankful for a beautiful apartment that I can share with a wonderful partner and a very funny cat.


0 thoughts on “cause for celebration

  1. during shavasana yesterday the instructor read a passage about transition… something about longing to walk through doors the same way fish long for the ocean… something about seeking an emptiness of question and answer and question and answer. i wish i could remember it ’cause at the time it made me cry and it probably applies. that place is darn beautiful.


  2. Gosh, that place looks beautiful! I need to get us a picket fence! Except it’d look terribly out of place on our street. Oh well…


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  4. Cool, I can actually see your website now! For months when I clicked on it, the writing was so small I couldn’t read a thing.

    Isn’t technology supposed to make things easier?


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