CouchSurfing is dead.

The link is to a letter from one of the founders of CouchSurfing, explaining how a series of computer problems brought the site/service/community to its knees. I signed up for CouchSurfing last fall after hearing about it from a classmate who is studying virtual tourism. I stayed with a CouchSurfer – Gabriela – in Porto, and had a CouchSurfer – John – stay at my place for a night or two earlier this month. I am truly saddened that this community is gone – the vision was so fantastic, and the realization must have been so rewarding. I hope that there will be a replacement – and soon. It was a wonderful asset – and a wonderful experience.


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  1. Having just made a couchsurfing connection myself it’s been sad to see it gone. I know it’s run with a lot of volunteer effort, but I’m surprised at how catastrophic this has been. I don’t know the details, but it sounds as if they not only lost the DB, but also a significant portion of the code that ran the thing. um, backups anyone? It has been reassuring to see the Montreal collective huddled around terminals trying to get things fixed.


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