…and after

Home safe as of Thursday, when Shane picked me up after an awful night of travel – delays, flight problems, being searched at security, throwing up next to the highway on the drive home. It is wonderful to be here, though I know I’ll soon be itching to travel again. I’ve spent the last couple of days with Shane and friends, celebrating my return and the departure of others – Kasey leaves this week for Philadelphia, and I hope to visit her soon. We spent almost all of yesterday outside – breakfast at Courier, buying herbs and strawberries at the Farmers Market, wandering around Meadowbrook Park, and picnicing at Allerton with Jason and Sonya, and then grilling out at the end of a long sunny day. My sleep schedule seems to have changed with the season, and I’ve been up impossibly early, and tired early as well. Today holds some gardening, some walking, chai oatmeal, and a lot of quiet time – all good things for vacation.

Photos from my trip are finally posted, by the way: Camino and after


0 thoughts on “…and after

  1. Welcome back; the trip pics are beautiful. How lucky you’ve returned to some stunningly fine Illinois springtime.


  2. Hey…Go Cubbies! I have a clip of Ed Vedder singing take me out to the ballgame. Watch it every day. What a great Mother’s Day treat THAT had to have been!


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