last days

Last day in London. Last day abroad for a while. I have the travel bug again, as much as I miss everyone, and I can’t wait to get rested and saved up and recharged on friends and family and home before I can set out again. At the first hostel here I met a girl who had been away from home six months, and who wasn’t going home until October. I don’t think I’ll ever be brave enough – or have time enough – to do that alone, but that doesn’t mean travel’s out of the question.

I always come back from holiday with all kinds of things I want to change in my life – last time it was wanting to walk more, and eat better – and somehow after a few days or weeks I slip back into old patterns and bad habits. We’ll see what happens this time. On a habitual note, though, I think it’s time to say that I have effectively and thoroughly quit smoking. I had a couple of cigarettes a couple of weeks ago when things were really hard, and each left me feeling really gross and never wanting to smoke again. So, there’s that!

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve been absolutely floored by the amount of love and support that has come pouring into my inbox since I left – especially in the last few days. Thank you all – you’re amazing. My friends are amazing.

Time to go look at Egyptian things, and then catch a plane home!


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  1. Well, upon return to Champaign the ciggie thing won’t be a huge issue as the city in its infinite wisdom passed a ban on smoking in public places like bars and restaurants. This is contingent on Urbana passing a similar ban. So much for property owner’s rights! But hey…at least someone was thinking of the children.


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