thesis-ing no more

I’m sitting on the patio at Pekara getting a nice sunburn, drinking water, and listening to pretentious Ebertfest assholes talk about how great they are. Gross. I never want to be that kind of person.

That is not the point of this update.

This week has been about getting my shit straight. I made significant headway this morning. I’ve been struggling under the weight and pressure of a masters thesis – not required by the department or the PhD program – and today I talked to my adviser, who agreed that I could turn it into an independent study which, for the number of credit hours I’m taking, means I’m pretty much done with the work – I just have to do the write up. This means that instead of thesis-ing all summer, I’ll be taking an online class through CTER, and doing whatever I need to do to finish up the research and present it to people who will actually benefit from it. I feel like there’s a tremendous weight off.

0 thoughts on “thesis-ing no more

  1. Yay, indeed! Now you can run off to Spain all carefree and stuff. Lucky you! One more final project and I’ve got a lovely 4 weeks off. WAHOO!


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