university math

so, i have a 12 month appointment with the graduate school. my contract is for 1206 hours, or 26 hours per week (approx). right now my math looks something like this:

monday 7 hours
tuesday 9 hours
wednesday 8 hours
thursday 2 hours
friday off
total: 26 hours

as i may have mentioned before, my schedule is really flexible. we’re all scheduled to run classes in the afternoon/evening – i run five two-hour classes per week – but other than that, our office hours are flexible. if i have homework to finish or am under the weather, i can come in late or take the day off and just make up the hours later in the week. for this reason we almost never take sick time, and vacation time is used for things that require being out of the office for a week or more at a time.

which brings me to my second point. because i have a 12 month appointment, i get 128.6 hours of vacation time and 70.2 hours of sick time. don’t ask me where the extra .2 hours goes. i really don’t know. now, the sick time is non-compensible [SIC], but it is time that can be taken off regardless.

so here’s my current math:

1 day taken off before Thanksgiving 6 hours
2 days (excluding holidays) taken off over winter break 10 hours
16 days (three working weeks) taken off in May 83 hours
current total vacation time taken: 99 hours
vacation time remaining: 29.6 hours
current total sick time taken: 0 hours
sick time remaining: 70.2 hours

from what i understand, staff can bank either sick or vacation time (or maybe both), but for GAs, that time has to be used by august 15 or it is lost. i may be developing the plague sometime between now and august 15, just so you know. in the words of my boss, “i can’t sneeze at the benefits of working at the big u.”


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  1. glad you like it! i’m trying to tweak things when i have time – there’s a lot that still needs to be fixed. 🙂


  2. Yeah, definitely digging the redesign. I need to do it on mine as well, though I fear I’ll be changing it like I change shirts once I start.


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