good things

good things from the last few days:

  • brunch at allerton with good friends and walking in the gardens on a sunny day
  • working with hot doctors and seeing my uterus bump up against my belly during an exam
  • coffee ice cream with a cute boy in the sunshine before class
  • giving a successful (if rambling) two hour talk without being overly nervous
  • realizing i really know this stuff inside and out
  • renting a locker at the gym that is 2.75 miles away from my apartment by bike, meaning that every workout will also include 5.5 miles on the bike to and from
  • girl talk with my best friend
  • winning (1) pink plaid hightop chucks ($10 on ebay) and (2) tickets to see ladytron (for freeeee!)
  • the weekend is almost here!

0 thoughts on “good things

  1. oooooooh…i can’t imagine doing exams on a weekly and/or any more often than 6 months apart but i’m glad that there are cool chicas like you helping out. i’m in pain for 3 days after i have my exam thanks to endometriosis, which sucks. but maybe if pre-doctors get more experience with what’s “normal” down under then they’ll be more ready to see when something wacko is going on and be more sensitive to the fact that, you know, as owners of our vaginas we often know if something is wacko and we’re not all hysterical women…

    coffee tuesday???????? i’m in gslis most of tuesday!


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