Here is a thing I’m exceedingly tired of:

For the last two years, I have worked more-or-less part time at a local coffeeshop. More-or-less part time means my hours have ranged between 10-30 per week, with the high being in the fall of 2004 when I was working a full time job and trying to get over a bad breakup, and the low being in the fall of 2005 when I was just too busy with school and a 2/3rds time appointment to work any more than one 10 hour shift per week. I’ve had (at least) two jobs since I started there two years ago, and between school, work, and my part time job have averaged between 60-70 working/class hours per week plus homework.

In short, I work my ass off.

My part time job has never been my first priority – I’ve always had either a full time job or school to worry about. That said, I have been absolutely as available as I could possibly be to them. I worked 30 hours per week when I was working full time when we were short staffed and they wouldn’t hire anyone. I continued working three shifts per week once I started school even though that meant I frequently didn’t have a day off between jobs for weeks at a time. I work this hard because I need the money, and I work this hard because I love my jobs.

That said, I really think the time has come to quit my part time job. I haven’t had a raise since December 2004, and that was when minimum wage went up. I know for a fact that an employee that I trained and who has been the subject of repeated and vocal complaints by coworkers to management is making more than I do. I have repeatedly offered my help for additional tasks that are well within my realm of experience and availability, and have been repeatedly brushed off by management, only for those responsibilities to go to people who complain about the extra hours and extra responsibilities. And now a management position has gone to an employee who has been at the store for six months, and who works perhaps one more shift per week than I do.

It’s not that I want a management job – I don’t. I couldn’t take it even if I wanted to. It’s that I’ve been systematically passed over for any increases in responsibility, ignored when I make suggestions, and brushed off when I’ve tried to help out. I’m so pissed off that I don’t even know what to say – and I feel like my hands are tied because the owner’s father just passed away, and I don’t want to take out my frustration on him right now, even though that’s really where it should be directed.

Oh Internet, what should I do? Is it finally time to quit a job that I love?

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  1. That’s a toughy. Quitting anything that you love is difficult. Even if it is the right thing for you at the time. I don’t think you can make a wrong decision with this one. If you stay, because of who you are, you’ll make the best of things. If you go, you’ll undoubtedly find one of two things (or both): your “freetime” will be filled with great things that make you happy, or you’ll find another job that you’ll learn to love just as much as this one.


  2. I agree with Beth. Ride it out for another couple weeks and don’t stress it too much. We’re five weeks or so away from the semester’s end. Once you’re finished with classes, then deal with that stress. Don’t dwell on it, but make a game plan. If you’re not being compensated appropriately and you feel you’re being overlooked for other opportunities, you need to vocalize these things. He may not be aware of the situation. Or he is and he’s a big fat jerk. Its likely one or the other or something completely different I haven’t thought of. Hope that helps. šŸ™‚


  3. I think that’s soething only you can answer, but if I were you, I’d wait a while, until the owner is in a bit better spirits, and bring up all of your complaints to him, and see if he offers any kind of… raise? bonus? gratefulness? That’s just my $.02.


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