City Museum!

The City Museum was a world of wonders! I:

  • pet a shark!
  • got stuck, literally, in a tree
  • was freed from the tree due to the efforts and help of Jason and Ryan
  • climbed around like a monkey in tunnels and caves and passageways
  • tore a hole in my pants
  • had a Fitz root beer
  • saw a two-headed snake
  • took pictures in a photobooth
  • had far more fun than I expected.

It was a fantastic day full of Hot Librarian fun, and I am very sore, very bruised, and very tired. If you’re ever in St Louis and have half a day to kill, GO. It’s magical, especially if you think you’re too old for those sorts of things. 🙂


0 thoughts on “City Museum!

  1. well, that’s what makes City Museum so great. It’s a playground for adults. I had meant to have my birthday party there and go at night, when you can drink and listen to bands and play, but my birthday’s at a sucky time of year. maybe for my going-away party. 🙂


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