doing the math

What a week! In the last six days I have:

  • self diagnosed an ear infection, had my diagnosis confirmed, and been put on antibiotics
  • self diagnosed the beginning of another infection, got medication, and headed it off at the pass by eating a lot of yogurt
  • had some sort of food poisoning and the associated excruciating abdominal cramping
  • PMS (enough said)

All these things have added up to very much wanting my mom here to give me soup and crackers and 7up stirred with a fork so the bubbles are gone. On the other hand, I’ve felt very grown up in that every time I’ve figured out what was wrong and what I needed to do to fix it. Three cheers for being in touch with my body!

On a series of very good notes, the following things have happened:

  • All the professors that I contacted gave me permission to conduct my study.
  • After some back-and-forth, the IRB approved my study.
  • I drank Guinness with a table full of friends on St Patrick’s day.
  • I made carrot cake!
  • I have a kitten-cat staying with me for 10 days.
  • My pilgrim’s passport arrived today.
  • I received a fantastic email regarding a plan that may rescue my financial future.

0 thoughts on “doing the math

  1. Try taking acidophilus with bifidus. The medications can cause much worse problems than you already have if they’re in pill form. 🙂 Trust me–I went around in circles with fun PH problems for a full calendar year.


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