I just spent ten minutes hunting around on Google for the names of restaurants I used to love in Madison. I used to go there somewhat regularly when I lived in Rockford, and I don’t think I’ve been back since I moved here.

Today is a day I would like to wipe out by saying blah blah blah i’m premenstrual. I would also like my inbox to stop dinging, my conference paper to write itself, and for it to be spring break already, damnit. All signs point to needing to make substantial changes in the near future, but the things I need to do will have to wait until after Spain.

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  1. ditto – except menstrual instead of premenstrual for me. oh, and no conference paper. and really, no spain for me either.

    ok, so i’m not in the exact same place, but it’s close. especially the inbox part.


  2. Madison is awesome! I lived there for 4 years before I moved back to Chambana for Grad School. Ah, what a fine array of eateries…

    Let me know if you need help remembering any names and be sure to go to for help.


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