not ready for prime time

This week marked the beginning of a new and interesting experience for me.

Along with a friend, I’m in training for a job with a variety of names – gynecological instructor, gyne model, “spreading your legs for science”, etc. I’m learning how to perform breast, pelvic, and rectal exams and will in April (and possibly other times throughout the year), be helping train second year medical students on all of the above.

I first heard about this program last year, when I went to the health center for my annual exam – because of my lack of discomfort with the whole procedure, the doctor mentioned this opportunity – mainly that it pays very very well, and that I should consider it. I’ve had a variety of concerns, misgivings, and nervous moments since then – and I’m sure I’ll have more before actually working with the students – but so far it has been a really interesting experience.

The other women in the program have been instructing for anywhere between 2-25 years, and over that time they’ve determined best practices, ways of making the students (as well as new instructors) feel at ease using humor and compassion, total strictness about non-contamination (the standards are way higher that I’ve observed in any clinic experience) – and at the same time have become this funny, interesting, compassionate, welcoming community of women spanning at least two generations and a whole panoply of life experiences.

I still have lots of butterflies in my stomach and am MORE THAN A LITTLE intimidated by the whole thing – I deffo needed ice cream and curling up on the couch last night after my first exam – but I’m really pretty pleased to be a part of this – and not just because it pays $50 per hour.

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  1. I think that this is great! I remember reading an article about gyne instructor-models and being very interested. I’m delighted that the U of I (that’s where you are at, right?) is teaching med students this way. I’d love to get info on the prgram if you can share.


  2. Sounds like a good thing! Having had beyond more than my fair share of these kinds of exams, it is nice to know there are programs in place for people to be trained to make everyone more comfortable. I’m glad to know that you’re on my side (and every patient’s side).


  3. Hey there,

    I came across your site by way of a search on how to obtain a job as a pelvic model. I have not found much info about it. I am very interested and thought you may be able to help me discover how to find a position.

    Now, I am not a crazy woman!!! I am serious. I am a RN in women’s health and a mother of two kids. I am staying at home to care for them but I am slowly going into deep poverty. I have also worked in homebirth and taked advanced classes in midwifery. I have learned to do basic pelvic exams and pap smears. I have worked in an abortion clinic. I have worked with women having their breast removed. Alas, I have seen a lot And…I love women’s health, it is my passion and calling. I would love to find something part time to help feed us and put a roof over our head. We are one small step away from poverty at this point. I do not want to put the kids in full time “daycare” but I also do not want to put them on the street.

    Any advice would be more than welcome, it would be a blessing. You can e-mail me at

    Thank you so very much


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