11am on a Monday, I haven’t had coffee yet, and I am tired. I spent this weekend running all over everywhere which was good but exhausting. There are a lot of things I didn’t accomplish, but the things I did get done represented an extreme quantity of fun:

  1. Karaoke Revolution at Sonya + Jason’s
  2. Sangria-making
  3. Amy’s birthday brunch
  4. Melissa’s redneck wedding in Paxton
  5. Lots of singing in the car + paying $1.60 tolls in pennies
  6. Drinks and snacks with my siblings in Rockford
  7. The Adventures of Pete & Pete at Jen’s
  8. Shane meeting my parents before 7:30am without coffee or showers for either of us
  9. Shane’s first trip to Wisconsin
  10. Making lunch with my mom for Eric’s 10th birthday
  11. Birthday festivities
  12. Couch naps
  13. Stomping around in the woods in the half light
  14. Magical shopping trip to Woodmans (Hendricks! OP! Campari!)
  15. Beef-a-Roo
  16. End of the weekend drinking at Bentley’s
  17. Sleeping cat on my head

Lots of driving, lots of eating, not much sleeping, not much work equals a lot to do this week, but it was worth it. As much as I am happy to not live in Rockford any longer, I still love bringing people home and showing them where I’m from. I’m not sure if Shane came back with whole new perspectives on me – but I had a great time nonetheless.


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