moving, aroma, whatevs

I’m seriously thinking about moving this thing again – for a couple of years I’ve maintained multiple blogs, switching back and forth based on whoever I wanted to talk to more, and I’m tired of doing that. A couple of my friends have made the switch to WordPress, and I just might do that – I already have a domain, etc etc. So, yeah.

I’m at Aroma, nominally reading Literacy in the Information Age, drinking Mexican coffee (goddamn, is the Columbia Street Mexican roast good), and trying not to stress out about the IRB form (due tomorrow) and leading class (later today). I think I’m going to miss Brokeback Mountain in the theater because of school responsibilities, needing to work out, and possibly sushi with Missy later. I am busy-so-busy these days, and it feels like the semester’s hardly started when it’s actually been weeks and weeks.

Sonya and I have hit on a money-making scheme that will significantly help towards the Camino as long as I can legitimately make it happen. We’ve decided it’ll be an interest experience financially, personally, and sociologically. All of these are good things, especially the financially, as I’m leaving in three months and am sorely behind on my savings plan. I need to get everything in gear – research, reading, training, saving – and soon. In the interim, though, I’m going to drink coffee.

Also: It’s been a couple of years since I watched the Daily Show, so I’m not sure if this is a regular segment, but last night we happened to be watching at Kim’s after Project Runway, and the Trendspotting segment was on social networking. It was hilarious – and at the same time had me hiding behind my hands a bit because, well, I research that stuff. Siva Vaidhyanathan was interviewed, which was hilarious because he rolled with it, and also because it’s fun to see academics that you’ve had to read for class on the Daily Show!


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