Things I have done on previous Valentine’s Days:

  1. Spent $200 on the best meal I’ve ever had
  2. Went to see Shakespeare in Love
  3. Met a boyfriend’s parents
  4. Watched 24 and did my laundry

Things I will do this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Run two classes
  2. Continue filling out my Institutional Review Board form
  3. Watch 24
  4. Go to Subversion

I’m fine with the lack of celebration because I’m surrounded with more love than I could imagine every single day. May my love reach you all.

0 thoughts on “valentines

  1. Is 24 really that good?

    I’m very right-wing and can’t stand the show. I like the look of it, like I’m watching a film, and I like the intensity. But it unnerves me, and I wonder what the impact on all of us is, and I don’t think the impact is good.


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