Another Saturday, another kitchen shift, another catering order puts $50 in my pocket, which is good as I’ve just bought tickets to Metric and Bonnaroo, and will buy tickets to Neko Case (whose new album is MAGICAL) soon. I’m having my lunch in the kitchen, sitting on a tall stack of milk crates that are pressing lines into my skin. I’m tired.

Last night was Nine Inch Nails at Assembly Hall, which was awesome, and featured Trent oversharing a bit, but mainly a lot of rocking, and Erasure, and a lot more theatrics than when I saw them last May. This was the first show of the tour – they seem to be bypassing major cities and playing stadiums in smaller towns, which is pretty cool in my book. It was in stark contrast to last Friday, when I saw Andrew Bird at the Canopy Club, easily my LEAST favorite venue in C-U. Each AB show is a little different, and this one did not disappoint. I’m looking forward to getting to see him at Bonnaroo over the summer – he was fantastic in a festival setting.

What else? Oh, I don’t know. We celebrated Sonya‘s birthday a couple of times this week with games and shots and lots of chocolate. She has also entered the Knitting Olympics, which I am pimping here because I will directly benefit from her entrance – she is knitting these amazing arm warmers for me:

Also, I’m ridiculously happy these days, though I’m not making much headway on anything resembling work. I need to remedy that. Tomorrow.


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  1. Hottttt. I’ve been having trouble with the pattern, because it says that it takes 148 rows to get all 6 motifs, which should all be on the arm part (not on the wrist) but your not-short arms are only 131 rows. Then, when I looked at this blog post, I realized that the pattern doesn’t match the picture, and the last motif is on the hand. Whew! I almost Michelle Quan’d, but now I’m back on track!


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