My 26th birthday is Monday. I’m celebrating by going rollerskating on Saturday with friends, and then I’m guessing having an intimate dinner or some such on the actual day, which is also a day off from school and work, which is good by me. A year and change ago I made a list of 25 things I wanted to accomplish this year – I didn’t finish all of them, but I made a damned fine dent in them. I couldn’t come up with 26 for this year, and I felt like that list = age constraint was all played out, but I did want to make another list, so, for your reading enjoyment, my 2006 To Do List:

  1. be more responsible financially
  2. take a vacation on the east coast
  3. get new docs
  4. have a successful garden (even if it’s only herbs)
  5. open a savings account and make deposits monthly
  6. read don quixote
  7. finish my masters
  8. go camping
  9. quit smoking
  10. read one book for pleasure every week
  11. learn how to knit something other than scarves
  12. get a new not-ghetto bike and ride it regularly
  13. learn how to make a really good dirty martini
  14. start learning another language (considerations: spanish, portugese, arabic)
  15. submit for at least two conferences (fingers crossed)
  16. keep swimming and improve breathing
  17. finish my survey of all CUMTD buses
  18. drink more water
  19. go to bonnaroo
  20. walk the camino portugues

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