20 and i am sitting at your feet, a bar in amsterdam, never to be found again. you sing “no woman, no cry” and we all sing along. this moment could be any city, any bar, any anonymous group of people sharing a moment in time despite differences in language, ethnicity, beliefs or backgrounds. we sing, the lot of us, canadian, american, australian, dutch, perhaps others that have slipped through the sands of time. we sing, and we drink, and we are together in this moment. i have often said “how could i ask for more?” in reference to love, to life, to experiences – but in this moment, holding back my tears, holding back my desires, holding back everything for the sake of absorbing anything – i cannot ask for more.

five – almost six – years later i am in a bar, a lifetime and half a world away, and i am listening to two guys play piano and guitar and sing “no woman, no cry” – and it is as if no time has passed, and i am still that twenty year old innocent crying at your feet. how strange this life is.


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