Spent most of the afternoon at Paradiso reading Communities in Cyberspace while the NaNo kids worked on their novels. I read until my eyes hurt, and then I had a milkshake with Carl. The semester will be over soon enough – but until then, I think I’ll mainly be in seclusion. Thanksgiving was good. I accomplished nothing over break – absolutely nothing – except some reading and lots of relaxing and some family togetherness. I took pictures of things at thrift stores. I saw Capote. I found out that I went to preschool, and that one of my preschool classmates is a friend I met in Champaign twenty years later. I’m rereading The Gunslinger. I have to give a presentation tomorrow morning and I’m totally stressing.

Less than two weeks til the end of the semester. I can do this, and then I’m going to waste at least three days playing Tetris, sleeping in, and doing nothing. Oh yeah, and then I’ll finish my PhD application. I can do this.

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