Another weekend gone, and another Sunday afternoon spent in the sun outside Kopi drinking coffee and playing catch up with the week’s readings. This week has been too too – too much smoking, too much drinking, too much snacking, too much flirting, too much spending, too much rocking – I have been out every night this week, one way or another, and am running on low low low. This week was Sleater-Kinney at the Highdive on Sunday, Tegan and Sara at the Canopy on Monday, goth night on Tuesday, Darren’s birthday dinner on Wednesday, failed intense studying on Thursday, Aroma on Friday, Aroma and ROCKFEST (featuring the Hum reunion show) on Saturday – and now here it is again, a week later, and I’m in the same spot as a week ago, just more tired, more confused, and extremely jealous of the couple at the next table with the perfect baby and perfect corgi (named Simon). Do I know what I want anymore? Not always. I am every day equal parts content and unquiet. I feel like a terrible student and yet am seriously considering staying for a PhD. I am terribly unproductive on all counts, which leads to stress and depression, which leads to more unproductivity. The leaves are starting to turn, and there is no point to this post except to say hello and I miss you, friends.


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