so some serious stuff is going on for people around me, and i want to be there – but i’m also in this kind of weird place of needing to assert my SELFness, and needing to keep things for me apart from everyone else. i’m trying to figure out the balance between school and friends and work and me, and sometimes it ends up weighing in too much in one direction or another, and sometimes i sit down to write an entry and end up writing something incoherent. that’s just me.

on an attempt to write something lighter and sillier, here are three things from the last week or two.

one, an excerpt from the best email i think i’ve ever received from a professor, in reference to a group project:

Lab groups for the Database assignment may have a size of 1 to 3 people. A group of 1 means that you can work alone. No groups of 0 will be allowed.

two, i was almost hit by a car over the weekend, and all i could come up with to say in response to the bitch almost running me over was dude

three, photos from thursday night’s drinking_GSLIS outing (and a roundabout greeting to new-er readers):

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  1. Whenever I feel like I’m grasping for a sense of self, of retaining that which is utterly ME, I spend the evening reading Ayn Rand. I know many of you disagree with her, but if nothing else, she is the champion of the Me.


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