i have email in my inbox sitting long unanswered.

i came home to a cold and dark apartment, where i found a book with a handwritten note from my now-departed houseguest, who was so beautiful asleep on my couch that i did everything i could to avoid waking her.

i really want pizza & beer & to dance with my friends until i’m out of breath from laughter.

i have been wasting too much time trying to come up with my halloween costume.

i read a quiet, small, sweet graphic novel earlier in the week that hit close to home.

this time of year i fall in love with the midwest over & over & over again. this season is my “mysterious stranger”, & i could never live somewhere where the leaves don’t turn & where sweaters aren’t a necessity.

my table is covered with magazines & files & notebooks & books & a bright blue pen & a birth control packet left half-open.

today i am all about the smell of cold & grey wife-beater shirts & hot cider & cuffing my jeans up to accommodate my bike & drunk boys who pull you close to say silly things in your ear on the dance floor.

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