350 pages

I counted last night and with only taking into account the books and articles I have in my possession, I have approx 350 pages to read between now and midweek. There’s also 3-4 articles that I haven’t located, and a couple of book chapters from textbooks that haven’t arrived in the mail. I have a feeling that most weekends will be spent like this one, with my time divided between working at Aroma and reading at various other coffeeshops. I feel like a total nerd, but this is the way it’s gotta be if I want to be able to go out during the week (which seems kind of backwards, but I’m not going to argue with it).

Last night N distracted me for an hour or two with stories and the rest of his photos from the Camino. A photo he took for me – a gnome!! – is leaning against my computer screen. He wasn’t going to show me Compostela and Finisterre, but I talked him into it and now have in my minds eye a hazy image of the end of the world, sailboats in the harbor, his lean frame outlined by the sea. I suspect I’m going to dream of Spain until I get there, and that I will then lose myself, totally and completely, somewhere between Pamplona and the sea. I’m excited – and terrified – and it all seems so far away.

0 thoughts on “350 pages

  1. i know the feeling about the reading – every moment i have is spent reading, on the bus, before classes, and if i could read in the car to and from allerton, i would. (but i won’t.)

    spain is closer than you think, love. 🙂


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