mmm, breakfast

Yes, I’m including a cookbook in my “read” list. I suppose I should wait to really pass judgement until I’ve made a few things from it, but I’ve spent a few genuinely fun hours reading the recipes, cooking advice, and other tips in Mollie Katzen’s Sunlight Cafe this week. It’s a really wonderful, cheerful, thorough breakfast cookbook packed with recipes ranging from the really simple – fun things to do with fruit and yogurt – to much more complex – crazy breakfast puddings! If and when I ever get around to making anything good for breakfast this fall, I’ll deffo post more here.

School started this week, and I’m totally exhausted. In other news, and as seen below, I cut off my hair today. Well, I didn’t do it – Jen at Ippatsu did. We talked last week after she chopped off Carl’s hair, and when I went in today and said “I’m in your hands”, she pulled out the magazines, we flipped through and made fun of things, and voila! I have new hair. It requires product *shudders* but I’m saving time in the shower, so it’s all good. I figured it was either pay Jen to do it now, or cut it off in a fit of academia-induced madness in a month or so.

Um, what else? I don’t know. Classes are going to be a lot of work, but good so far. Work has been totally fucking nuts, but the bugs are working themselves out and the new GAs are great. Wednesday and Thursday are going to be 12 hour days every week – in the building from 9-9 – which will suck, but the rest of the week isn’t so bad and will hopefully allow for attending some extra stuff, namely the CAS/Millercomm lecture series and the Modern Critical Theory lecture series. Last night I saw i:scintilla, Form 30, and Relenter under some duress (for a variety of reasons, some more valid than others) but I had a good time and am glad I went, even if I was totally beat this morning.

It’s 1:20am. I’m rambling. Time for sleep so I can hit the farmers’ market before working in the kitchen all day. ‘night.


0 thoughts on “mmm, breakfast

  1. excellent! your hair looks gorgeous, breakfast sounds fabulous, and i know classes will be just fine. rock on with the semester! *grin* or something.


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