Pita Pizza Night

So last night was the first ‘family dinner’ and damn, we out-did ourselves with the weird and tasty. Here are the pita pizzas I made, as well as other toppings used by my friends:

pizza #1: sweet chili sauce, mushrooms, roma tomatoes, minced green onion, and mozzarella
pizza #2: spinach, mushrooms, goat cheese, and a thick tomato sauce drizzled over the top

other things people put on their pizzas:
peanut sauce
zucchini (I hear zucchini on pizza is PHENOMENAL!)
gjetost cheese

We had a couple of mozzarella blends – mozz & asiago & garlic, mozz & basil & (something else) – that were popular and apparently tasty, though I didn’t have any. Seriously, this was such a genius idea. We put the pizzas on individual pitas (2 packs of 10 @ approx $1.50 each from Am-Ko), and each person loaded ’em up with their toppings. We baked them four to a cookie sheet at 300 (?) for 10-12 minutes, or until the cheese looked promising. So easy. So tasty.

Oh, also Hannah made little pizzas with slices of eggplant topped with pepperoni and sauce and cheese. I think that was it, but they looked really really good as well.


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