right now

right now is an excellent time for flirting and dancing, sharing meals with friends, water rushing against your skin, tank tops and summer sun and wavy hair tumbling out of curls just so. right now is an excellent time for a glass of wine, a board game in the sun, a morning spent curled up in a big chair with a good book. right now is an excellent time to take the world by the hand and lead it out onto the dance floor in tall tall heels and a hand at the back of the neck and faces and hips pressed together moving in hypnotic unison.

right now is not the time to want to be in love.

what’s new?

  • the woman for and with whom i work has just turned in her letter of resignation, so my job will be restructured at some point in the near future. right now most of that’s on the down-low, but it’s just enough to have me a little on edge this afternoon.
  • i’ve been listening to a lot of music lately, mainly the new gorillaz album and collide, which i picked up after jason‘s set at subversion last week. i’m afraid i’m turning into one of those head-bobbing music listeners.
  • sarah, hannah, mel, and i spent a couple of days in rockford over the weekend. it was wonderful to just get away from everything and relax and enjoy good friends and glorious sunshine. mel and her husband departed for new adventures in seattle on tuesday and i miss them already.
  • somehow i got roped into helping lead a writers workshop for leep on campus. between today and tomorrow i have to come up with an hour or so’s worth of content on citations, writing styles, writing strategies, etc. for those of you who teach, this is no big deal, but i’m generally behind a computer monitor and under headphones, so facing 50 nervous/eager students is going to be, um, terrifying.
  • i’m taking a summer leep course – reference – and am generally disillusioned with the whole thing. i’m finding it hard to stay on task, in part because my friend jim is in another leep class at the same time and we’ve spent the last two weeks just goofing off. also, the subject matter is pretty dry and not entirely applicable to me.
  • oday is going to be here for a few days visiting. i’m really looking forward to seeing him. france seems so far away these days.
  • i’ve been dancing as much as possible. it seems like the abandon on the dance floor is about the only time i can get out of my head and just be.
  • i move in a month or so. one of these days i need to start packing, but right now i just don’t want to think about it.

on the whole things are good, chill, a fairly even mix of crazy and relaxed. i alternate between feeling like a club kid and a hermit. i’m working a lot, but that’s ok most of the time. things are going to be pretty crazy for the next couple of weeks with leep on campus and then the move – and then it’ll be the fall, and i’m currently registered for five courses. i seem to thrive in chaos, though, so i suppose i’ll be fine.

a quote

Perhaps that is the travellers’ deepest melancholy, that the joy of return is always mixed with a feeling that is harder to define, the feeling that the places you have ached for since you first saw them simply went on existing without you, that if you really wanted to hold them close you would have to stay with them forever…the real traveller finds sustenance in equivocation, he is torn between embracing and letting go, and the wrench of disengagement is the essence of his existence; he belongs nowhere. –Cees Nooteboom, Roads to Santiago