two things (or how my night ended)

one: my dad was in a car accident tonight. he was driving home from work and a guy pulled out in front of him. the car is totalled, but he’s ok except for some burns from the airbag. my mom took him to the er where, in hopes of preventing a giant grey scar, they had to scrape the skin off a second degree burn on his arm. the doctor said it would be painful, but pop said he would just have to bite the bullet, which was funny because mom happened to have one in her pocket. the car is totalled, and they had to clean it out in the middle of spring creek road in the middle of the night, transferring the guns and workout equipment and approximately 500 rounds from the trunk of the civic to mom’s car. somehow i find that image oddly surreal – my middle aged parents transferring hundreds of rounds of ammunition in the middle of the night with my dad bearing a giant burn on his arm. he’s ok – they’re ok – just shaken up and upset about the car.

two: i got a really wonderful email from my boss tonight, thanking me for all the hard work i’ve done during boot camp the last two weeks. the consensus in the office is that they haven’t had a GA like me in quite a long time. i can’t tell you how good that makes me feel. i am, like my dad, a workaholic and perfectionist, and i, like my best friend, feel guilty when i’m wasting my employer’s time and money – all of these being things i worry about in terms of my current job.


0 thoughts on “two things (or how my night ended)

  1. omg! who knew your parents were the punisher and crimson fox!

    hey, i’m glad they’re okay. and congrats on the congrats. talk about life’s ups and downs…


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