mental health day

I think I might take Monday off. Off. O-F-F. As in no going to work, no doing work, no nothin’. As in sleeping late, making breakfast, cleaning my apartment, going for a swim, then bumming around the rest of the day. I just might do it. I probably won’t, but I might.

This weekend has been a mixed bag. Friday was wonderful with a show and a friend and iced tea in the park during a soft summer rain. Saturday was mostly bad, but with a nice ending drinking beer at Crane Alley with friends. Sunday was mostly badover from Saturday (kind of like a hangover, only just ongoing bad), but with a nice Thai-filled ending. Tonight I made pad see ew for the very first time. I feel like I should add that to my list just so I can cross it off.

This weekend I learned that when Neko Case talks, she sounds like me. I learned that if you’ve had a service or retail job and were good at it, you probably have the skills you need to be an excellent reference librarian. I learned that sometimes days just suck, and sometimes the only way to deal with it is to run away from responsibility for a while.

Which is why I think I might take Monday off.

0 thoughts on “mental health day

  1. i hope you do, too – or if you didn’t, that you do it soon. in fact, i think i might do that as well. take a day off and do nothing but go to the gym. 🙂


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