I drank wine with girlfriends around a table and a board game. I stopped for a late-night sandwich which always seems like a good idea at the time, but generally isn’t. I worked a lot, slept some, and was in a daze for all of it. Tomorrow – tonight – my apartment will be clean and full of people and wine and food and laughter.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Iron & Wine and trying to walk everywhere. I’m thinking a lot about mediated communications – specifically the choices I have made in mediating my thoughts and my memories. I’m dreaming of far off places, adventures to come, things that I want but can’t have just yet. I’m waiting for the sun.


[boring post below]

Things that happened this weekend, in no particular order:
I got an A on my 502 final.
My friend Jeanne got married in Chicago.
Jen and I had a Chicago adventure.
I drove all over the state.
My entire family hung out in my tiny apt for a few hours.
My brother Mark graduated from UIUC with BSes in Math and Economics.
Jen and I had Champaign and Urbana adventures.
My friend (and my brother’s girlfriend) Missy graduated from UIUC with her MSW.
My friend Mel and her husband Ray announced their imminent move to Seattle.
I had drinks with Sarah and Nicole.
My former neighbor gave me two bags of groceries.
I rescued some awesome home furnishings from the trash.
I watched the last episode of Sex & the City.
My coworker Matt ate ice cream in his sleep.

Things that will happen this week:
Lots of work.

Just got home from Rockford after spending the weekend visiting family and friends. I accomplished nothing (including resting up), but I had a nice time just being home. Every time I go to Rockford I remember why I’m glad I don’t live there anymore – this weekend the reminders were having to drive everywhere and how bad most of the bars suck. Last night Dan and I watched Garden State and I realized how much Natalie Portman’s character sounds like me (though less manic and with less lying). It was alarming and funny in equal measure. I am exhausted and behind on my work and I have to go to work in half an hour – but I’m glad I went home. One more week of school and I’ll be on break. I can’t wait.

Oh look, it’s May. I completely forgot.