back-and-forth friday

I’m back in the office after another side-splittingly hilarious revolution lunch. Megan joined us today, and we stood outside for a long time talking about bizarre-o stuff. I’m often asked what goes on at revolution lunch, and all I can tell you is that the lot of us sit around just being weird and laughing.

We’ve moved into the new office – it’s gorgeous and not-buggy (fingers crossed) with higher ceilings and clean white walls. Jill and I discovered after much climbings around on the furniture that there are no power outlets on Matt’s and my side of the room, but through intrepid use of power strips and a pass-through hole in the wall, we’ve got everything set up. I am LOVING it, even though it means another flight of stairs, and can see myself spending many many evenings working here in the fall.

Today is full of back-and-forth – campus, then Aroma, then campus, then dinner, then Rambo-n-beans, then possibly a glam party later. My schedule is dizzying some days, and then there are some days that stretch out in front of me like they’ll never end. I am intoxicated with summer – and yet in the back of my mind is Spain, Spain, Spain.

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