I think I’m playing hooky today. I say that, but I’ll probably go into the office at some point. I just like the idea of saying – to hell with it – and just staying in bed with a book all afternoon. I might do that yet.

I’m looking at my calendar and seeing things marked on every week from now until the beginning of the fall semester and thinking – where did the summer go – but it hasn’t even begun, really. So, before I forget and it’s August, here’s a list of things I want to do this summer (crossposted with my apologies):

  1. Spend a weekend in Rockford with the girls before Mel takes off for Seattle
  2. Go to Madison with above-mentioned fabulous friends
  3. Spend five days in California with my family
  4. Sleep outdoors at least once
  5. Spend a couple of days at ALA and actually see exhibits and not just the inside of my conference and hotel rooms
  6. Start my packing at least a month before I move so I won’t have as much to do at the last minute
  7. Learn how to make sushi
  8. Read some or all of the following in an attempt to catch up on things I really should’ve read by now:
    • Don Quixote
    • One Hundred Years of Solitude
    • the stack of books on mobile communication that I checked out in April
    • (something by) Scott McCloud
    • (something non-fiction by) Umberto Eco
    • (something by) Michel Foucault
    • (something by) Ferdinand de Saussure
    • (something by) Georg Simmel
    • (something by) Jean Baudrillard
    • (something by) Slavoj Zizek
    • (something by) Frederick Jameson
    • (something by) Stanley Fish
  9. Not fail out of grad school
  10. Continue kicking laps at IMPE until I can actually SWIM laps (and/or until I have a great tan!)
  11. Have at least two more parties before I move
  12. Manage to work 2/3rds time in the office, take a class, and still work part-time at Aroma
  13. Walk as much as possible
  14. Go to a baseball game
  15. Decompress from a long semester and get mentally and spiritually prepared for a much harder one in the fall
  16. Go to the zoo
  17. Move to my new apartment in mid-August
  18. Not work myself to death

This is going to be a good summer.


0 thoughts on “Ambitious

  1. firstly, which zoo?

    secondly, that’s an impressive theory reading list you’ve got. judith butler should really be on there somewhere, so if you want to keep it even, i think baudrillard can go. his stuff is too flimsy, even for me!


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