after the affair: april 2005

agnes is posting a mix a month, so i’m going to try to do the same. this one’s been kicking around my head for a couple of weeks, a track here and there. call it catharsis?

after the affair
01 the cure – just like heaven
02 damien rice – i remember
03 tegan and sara – wake up exhausted
04 melissa ferrick – anything anywhere
05 iron & wine – sinning hands
06 ani difranco – you had time
07 over the rhine – latter days
08 aimee mann – deathly
09 joseph arthur – bottle of you
10 elliot smith – miss misery
11 third eye blind – losing a whole year
12 bloc party – like eating glass
13 fiona apple – shadowboxer
14 keane – we might as well be strangers
15 sarah harmer – don’t get your back up
16 melissa ferrick – i still love you
17 iron & wine – bird stealing bread
18 damien rice – cheers darlin’
19 the poem adept – able glass note

I think everyone on my block who has a porch is having a party. Well, except me. It has been another gorgeous spring weekend – and again, I have spent it in the kitchen at Aroma. In a moment I think I might open a bottle of wine and take a glass and a book out on the porch – that seems like a good way to spend the waning hours of another Saturday night in Champaign. Tomorrow my house will be full of people – tonight it’s just quiet, save the noise from my neighbors.

It’s come as a surprise to me that in my mid-twenties I am embracing all sorts of ridiculously girly things I would have laughed at five years ago. I have a drawer full of halter tops. I want drawers full of lingerie. And tonight I bought my very first pair of stilettos. They are red and open-toed and have a little buckle. They are wildly impractical and totally fabulous.

It feels like there’s a change coming in the wind. It feels like my life is changing again. It feels like I am changing again. I didn’t see this coming. Strange.

In honor of National Poetry Month and Oday’s ongoing poetry series, here’s something I stumbled across this evening.

Come to the edge.
We might fall.
Come to the edge.
It’s too high!
And they came,
And he pushed,
And they flew

Christopher Logue

The Illini lost, my 24 tape crapped out, and my iPod hates me. The end of the game was breathtaking, at least from the radio broadcast, and when I left work at 10:30 you could hear the craziness erupting. I toyed with going to campus, but instead came home and will hopefully take some photos in the morning. Tonight Chris talked about televised sports being the opiate of the masses – it’s crazy-true. Shawn came over to watch 24 – or, rather, the few minutes of 24 we could eke out of my pathetic VCR/tape – I think after 13 years the VCR may have bit the dust. And my iPod – it worked this morning when I exercised to Carl Cox live at Crobar, but when it came time to go to school the touch wheel was out of order. Sad.

On the bright side it was an extraordinarily beautiful day, and you could feel the energy and excitement pulsing throughout campus.