Week 14

Things I have learned about grad school:

  1. Grad school is a profoundly lonely endeavor unless you’re in a track with a bunch of people doing the same thing.
  2. Going to extra lectures is fantastic especially when it allows you to expand your thinking in new directions – except when this means expanding the scope of research you’re already trying to narrow.
  3. Sometimes you’ll have a spontaneous conversation that ameliorates, if only briefly, your academic frustrations and lonelinesses.
  4. Sometimes you’ll get to meet very controversial and important figures in your discipline before you’ve had your morning coffee.
  5. Sometimes you’ll get to take courses from nationally recognized researchers doing really important work in your field.
  6. Sometimes you’ll sit in class on a Friday morning and feel your chest well up with pride and excitement about the field you’re studying (even if it’s not where you will end up professionally).
  7. And sometimes you’ll come home after a long day of lectures, work, class, the library, and more work and be so exhausted you can hardly function.

All of these have happened and/or occurred to me this week.

0 thoughts on “Week 14

  1. what i learned in grad school? three pints of guiness and a couple shots of good tequila, once or twice a day, were just enough to prevent me from remembering what i actually learned in grad school.

    something about marx…


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