Mobile (in more ways than two)

I’m distracted tonight. I keep trying to focus on the paper I’m researching and writing, but after an hour or so at the computer my eyes start glazing over and I just want to crawl into bed. I’m getting there, though – not really anything written, but a lot of things thought about, and a lot of notes taken, and a lot of sources found. Really I don’t need to sweat it – but I have really enjoyed this course and would like to write a paper worthy of everything the course has made me think about and reconsider.

That said, I really wish we could restart the semester right now and revisit many of our readings over the last three months. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. My friends who teach have often talked about classes that just didn’t click – and then classes where the students just got into the rhythm of discussion and everything was wonderful. At the beginning of the semester, the mix of grads and undergrads was jarring, no one really knew what to expect, and the instructor seemed tentative though knowledgeable about the subject matter. Now that the semester is almost over, we’ve hit the ground running – the majority of the class is comfortable in discussion – students will challenge other students’ assertions or ask for another student’s perspective in an area where he or she is knowledgeable – and, perhaps most impressively, we’re comfortable enough with the subject matter and with the professor to speak frankly about the readings, letting him know at the end of each discussion section which we feel was useful, and which goes into the ‘suck pile’. It’s been fun to watch the class grow, and to hear the vocabulary change. I’m almost sad to see this one end.

On an entirely unrelated note, this weekend I’m going to sign a lease on a gorgeous little apartment owned by a friend of mine. I am beyond delighted and relieved, and I hope it will work out well for all involved. Before I move, however, there must be much merriment in my current apartment. I’m thinking a no beer allowed cocktail party in May. I’m thinking some sort of brunch on the porch in June. I’m thinking an “I’m moving!” party in late July (sangria?). I’m thinking many friends, much laughter, and hot nights in the shade. Do come. It’d be so much nicer with you here.

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