after the affair: april 2005

agnes is posting a mix a month, so i’m going to try to do the same. this one’s been kicking around my head for a couple of weeks, a track here and there. call it catharsis?

after the affair
01 the cure – just like heaven
02 damien rice – i remember
03 tegan and sara – wake up exhausted
04 melissa ferrick – anything anywhere
05 iron & wine – sinning hands
06 ani difranco – you had time
07 over the rhine – latter days
08 aimee mann – deathly
09 joseph arthur – bottle of you
10 elliot smith – miss misery
11 third eye blind – losing a whole year
12 bloc party – like eating glass
13 fiona apple – shadowboxer
14 keane – we might as well be strangers
15 sarah harmer – don’t get your back up
16 melissa ferrick – i still love you
17 iron & wine – bird stealing bread
18 damien rice – cheers darlin’
19 the poem adept – able glass note

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