The Illini lost, my 24 tape crapped out, and my iPod hates me. The end of the game was breathtaking, at least from the radio broadcast, and when I left work at 10:30 you could hear the craziness erupting. I toyed with going to campus, but instead came home and will hopefully take some photos in the morning. Tonight Chris talked about televised sports being the opiate of the masses – it’s crazy-true. Shawn came over to watch 24 – or, rather, the few minutes of 24 we could eke out of my pathetic VCR/tape – I think after 13 years the VCR may have bit the dust. And my iPod – it worked this morning when I exercised to Carl Cox live at Crobar, but when it came time to go to school the touch wheel was out of order. Sad.

On the bright side it was an extraordinarily beautiful day, and you could feel the energy and excitement pulsing throughout campus.

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  1. ugh, i’m so nauseous from the loss. it’s like there’s a big glop of tar in the well of my stomach.

    if sports is now the opiate of the masses, consider me high as hell…


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