On Wednesday I came to the calm realization that I was going to fail out of grad school. I packed up my books and laptop and headed to the office, where I was assured that no one actually fails out. I’m not sure if that’s comforting or not. Either way, I am about 100% less likely to fail out now than I was two days ago, having just finished the midterm that has literally sapped all my energy and enthusiasm for the last week. I have never needed a break more than I need this one. In three days I will be in the air over the Atlantic, en route to Paris, where I hope to spend a great deal of time drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, looking at art, and generally doing nothing. A very small part of me wishes that I had a travel companion, but the rest of me remembers how much I’ve revelled in my previous solo adventures. It will be wonderful.


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  1. A traditional Norfolk koan may assist:

    Seven toffee doughnuts

    Having not eaten
    For well over twenty minutes,
    The young woman was hungry.

    She logged on to the internet,
    And ordered a stuffed crust pizza
    With double pepperoni and chocolate,
    French fries,
    Seven toffee doughnuts
    And a butterscotch milkshake.

    Imagine her surprise, two minutes later,
    When out of her printer came a small piece of lettuce,
    And a plastic cup of raspberry leaf tea.

    More may be encountered:


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