Things I Did This Weekend:

  • had a small breakdown and cried on Shawn’s virtual shoulder
  • worked my first kitchen shift, during which I cut my head on something. I thought it was just a bump until just now, 36 hours later, when I felt a cut on my scalp while pushing my hair out of my face.
  • introduced two friends to Jeff Buckley – how is it possible that there are intelligent people who love music that DON’T know about Buckley? I suppose I was one of them once, but that was five years ago.
  • went out with the girls – dinner at Farrens, coffee (and stuff) at Kopi, drinks at the Blind Pig and Esquire. I wish more could’ve made it, but it was fun just the four of us.
  • got suckered into a last call round at the Brass Rail with a few choice MFAs. I was impressed by Rob’s quest to hit on anything with breasts, and by Jason, who mentioned in passing things we’d talked about at the first Septober 41st party more than two years ago.
  • while driving Dave home from work today, managed to get into a fender-bender in the rain – the damage to the other car was minimal (scrapes to the bumper), and all involved are fine. Yes, my car’s fine too – or as fine as it was before.
  • watched some tv and a movie, yet still managed to finish all my work for Tuesday. Yay, me.
  • played with my blog a bit. I’m still not sure about the end result, but I needed a change.

    Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day, friends.

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    1. wow, you’re busier than one o’them big city gals!

      sooo jealous you had drinks at the brass rail with mfas. come to think of it, ‘at the brass rail with mfas’ would be the perfect title for a short story…add that to your list, e.


    2. yeah! anti-valentine’s day for sure. i’ve never bought in to the whole hallmark day and i won’t start now. fuck hallmark and their evil faux-romantic days.


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