I may actually be dying of love for Joy Division and New Order. Seriously. I had no idea.

On an unrelated note, tomorrow is my birthday. In previous years I have been granted the right to be a princess or jump up and down or simply be fabulous. I intend to do all of these things, along with having a swanktastic dinner with my dear friends, and then drinks with more of the same. What else should I do, friends?

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  1. My family has a tradition I try to spread wherever I go: the birthday week. The birthday girl (or boy) gets to do whatever they want for a whole week. Hey, you want to go to the asparagus farm three hours away for dinner? Sure, you’re the birthday girl! You want me to dress up as what? Well, you’re the birthday girl…So happy birthday, be your fabulous self and have at it!


  2. happy bday e!!! yes, be a fabulous jumpy princess with friends and food and alcohol. what else is there? well, there’s always killing a bum and participating in a crystal-meth inspired orgy, but your schedule sounds pretty packed as it is.

    whatever else you do, have a shot of something for me; i’ll do the same for you…


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