holiday blah blah

Black Velvet brewing in the kitchen, snow tumbling haphazardly through the white morning sky, stockings hung by the chimney with care. Somewhere in this house two siblings sleep, one sibling is trying his best at self-restraint to avoid the presents (though he has counted them all), and my parents are about the business of Christmas brunch. The puppy has charmed us all because her formerly upright ears have decided to flop – I said it’s a Christmas miracle!

I was going to send out a mass email, but I’ll let this suffice. Merry Christmas, friends. My love to you all.


0 thoughts on “holiday blah blah

  1. How are you liking Don Quixote? It’s my turn to pick the next book in my book club, and I’m leaning towards Don Quixote or The Prince. Just cause I *know* what quixotic or machiavellian mean, but I’d like to actually read the books.


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